02-09 Nissan 350Z Powergrid Front Swaybar End Links


In today's high performance arena, there is more concentration on the whole car than ever before. The "g" force previously measured in straight line acceleration is now being mixed with the "g" force in lateral acceleration.

Within all of the suspension upgrades available for your vehicle, the most overlooked component is the sway bar link. This simple component attaches to the suspension and promotes stabilizing or "planing-out" the vehicle in a turn. Did you know that the simplicity of this link can hurt your car's performance?

Powergrid Inc. has created a system replacing the fixed-length pogo stick configurations. The Powergrid Adjustable Sway-Bar Link System provides the ability to easily adjust or tune the sway bar as part of the suspension system.

The stabilizer-bar has been overlooked as a tunable component in the production-based suspension system due to the lack of an adjustable link. The OEMs recognize that it is important to have a sway bar for cornering stability. It is installed in the suspension system and sent down the assembly line. From personal investigations, the sway bar with fixed length links can induce a load into any two cross-corners of your vehicle. The ability to neutralize the sway bar in your suspension system is a great advantage to baseline, balance, and refines your vehicle's handling characteristics. Powergrid has achieved this by creating adapters that integrate current sway bar link technology to the traditional sway bar architecture.

Before Adjustable Sway-Bar Links
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After Adjustable Sway-Bar Links
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The Powergrid system has incorporated adjustable THK resin ball-stud links. You may recognize their fixed length siblings that are finding themselves on many new production vehicles. Their toughness is supported by laboratory and field durability testing to the stringent OEM requirements. Heim joints and high misalignment spherical bearings were considered, but do not offer the compliance, the waterproof seal, and are limited in their range of angular articulation. The ball links also offer a very low friction in the joint and has up to 50 degrees of articulation. This eliminates binding and allows for smooth load transitions.

The Powergrid Adjustable Sway-Bar System in not limited to road race cars. Anyone that has taken the time to upgrade their street car's suspension should consider this product. Once again, knowing the influence of your sway bar on your suspension is as important on the street as it is on the track. Drag racers may want to include this system as a way to preload the right rear of their vehicles.

Pogo-stick links are 1940s technology that does not belong on a 21st Century vehicle. Ball links are here to stay, but there are too many of us that still enjoy our pogo-stick link cars. The Powergrid Adjustable Sway-Bar Link System provides the capabilities of modernizing your vehicle and tuning your sway bar rather than just install it. Powergrid allows you to "Adjust yourself in the 21st century!"

2005 Mustang Adjustable Sway-Bar Link
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  • Model: 12M-5
  • Manufacturer: Powergrid

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