Braille Carbon AGM Battery B3121C

B3121C Features
"Cool" Carbon Fiber Case
Higher engine temps equal lower battery performance. Braille's exclusive Carbon Fiber Case protects the batteries internals from high temps and provides the longest service life. Don't settle for a metal case that conducts heat, be cool.

Note: Carbon case is slightly wider & longer than standard case, so battery boxes with tight tolerances may require some modifications. Measure to ensure fitment.

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Patent Pending Carbon Case Design Made for Extreme Temperatures and Vibration. More Reliability and Performance in High Temperatures. Exclusive Appearance and Design. Hand Selected Premium Products for the Highest Performing Advanced AGM Product.

  • Physical Specifications
  • BCI Group
    All sizes
  • Weight
    21lbs / 9.5kg
  • Length
    6.8" / 174mm
  • Width
    5.2" / 132mm
  • Height
    6.9" / 177mm
  • Polarity
    Right Side Positive
  • Performance
  • Voltage
  • Full Charge Voltage
  • Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA)
  • Amp Hour (AH)
  • Reserve Capacity (RC)
    1 hr 15 mins
  • Life Cycle @ 10% DOD
  • Usage
    • Advanced AGM
    • Motorsports
    • Consumer Auto
    • Race Auto
    • Motorcycle
    • Marine
    • Aircraft
  • Model: B3121C
  • Manufacturer: Braille Battery

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