92-97 Subaru Alcyone SVX TSP Racing Suspension Combo Kit


Product Description

Want to upgrade your 20 year old suspension? TSP Racing Suspension Combo kit is just the way to do it! Get the adjustability and the upgrade!

Each kit contains:

     TSP Racing Coilover Kit

  • 4 x Suspension dampers (either one piece or 2 piece dampers depending on vehicle)
  • 4 x SAE-9254 cold-wound steel springs
  • 4 x Damping force adjustment knobs
  • 2 x Aluminum alloy pillow ball top hat plates
  • 2 x Camber adjustable front aluminum alloy top hat plates
  • 2 x Spanner wrenches to adjust ride height
  • 1 x Owners manual with warranty card

G Series Coilover kits are built for road and track use, TSP's Coilovers are fully height-adjustable, allowing you to keep the ride height the same as factory, or up to 50mm/2in lower. Damping of the piston valves are matched to each spring rate. The springs are preloaded from the factory, so you don't have to configure that before driving. Just set your ride height and damping preference with the 24 click linear adjustments.

The engineers in our factory invest time and money into research and development to ensure the highest quality, best performance kits on the market. TSP Racing Coilovers are not 'one size fits all' with adapters. Each kit is designed specifically for the vehicle, and all kits are tested and developed to ensure maximum performance.

Street Spring Rates

8kg/mm or  448 lbs/in
5kg/mm or  280 lbs/in

Racing Spring Rates

10kg/mm or  560 lbs/in
6kg/mm or  336 lbs/in

Damper Style


     TSP Racing Tru-Align Lateral Links

  • 4 x adjustable lower control arms
  • 4 x bushing sleeves
This set of 2 adjustable lower control arms will provide up to ±1.5° of additional camber and toe adjustment. Specially designed for the performance enthusiast, these arms can be used on lowered or stock ride height vehicles.

Rear Adjustment range: Camber ±1.5°
Toe ±1.5°
Installation Time: .8 hr/side 

     TSP Racing Tru-Align Fastcam Bolts

  • 2 x Fastcam camber adjustment bolts
Make a two bolt strut adjustable up to ±1.75° camber with the Tru-Align FastCam bolts from TSP. Simply remove the upper bolt, install the FastCam bolts, loosen the lower bolt, and dial in the required change.

  • Make camber changes a cost effective, quick one-person job without grinding
  • TSP’s 12.9 grade bolt provides the best clamp load with the highest safety factor in the industry 
  • Use a Hex Chromate-free finish for 700 hr salt spray results vs the competitors’ ~20 hr, to avoid any hydrogen embrittlement issues, and to be environmentally friendly
  • Have markings on the bolt head to show you where the lobe is for easy orientation during adjustment. 

    Front Adjustment range:Camber ±1.75° 
    Installation time: .4 hr/side

Additional optional add ons available

-Upgrade your kit to Racing Coilovers       

-Strongflex Suspension Bushing Kit (Sport or Standard)


  • 2x 271215A Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 18mm SPORT
  • 2x 271216A Front Wishbone Rear Bush SPORT
  • 2x 271217A Front Wishbone Front Bush SPORT
  • 2x 271530A Rear beam mount SPORT
  • 4x 271149A Rear Tie Bar Bush SPORT
  • 2X 271150A Rear Tie Bar Bush SPORT
  • 2x 271211A Rear Tie Bar Front-Rear Bush SPORT
  • 2x 271220A Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 17mm SPORT

Pcs / KIT: 18

-Swaybar Endlinks (Powergrid or NASABill)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: SU-015SCK
  • Manufacturer: TSP

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