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98-05 Lexus GS300 2WD Tanabe Sustec Z40 Coilovers (TSE4024)
Product Description
Sustec Z40 Coilover is a brand new Coilover system made by Tanabe. Sustec Z40 uses advanced dampers made by KYB and offers fully adjustable ride height, 40-way dampening adjustment, and a twin tube design. Made and tested on every vehicle application to meet the maximum performance and direct fit. 

SUSTEC PRO Z40 uses the same high quality PRO210 Springs found on the SUSTEC PRO FIVE Coilover System. These are the same springs that were used in the Takata Dome Racing Honda NSX in the JGTC GT500 Class in Japan.

Tanabe Pro Z40 Coilover Kit, for Lexus GS300 (2WD) 98-05 
Spring Rates 10.0 kg/mm Front & 8.0 kg/mm Rear. 
Adjustable from 0" to -3.25" Front & Rear.

This part is special order only, and usually ships within 9 business days directly from the manufacturer. No returns only exchanges if there are manufacturer defects. 
98-05 Lexus GS300/400 Tanabe Sustec Pro CR Coilovers (TSR024)
Product Description

Tanabe is proud to announce its latest suspension system; Sustec Pro CR Suspension Kit. This suspension system features a damper with “Non-Preload Valve” Mechanism that was developed in collaboration with well-known damper manufacturer KYB and Tanabe’s high quality Pro210 Series coil springs. The Sustec Pro CR utilizes twin-tube, low pressure gas dampers for unrivaled comfort and durability and put through a rigorous 100,000km / 1,000,000 stroke test to ensure this suspension will perform and meet the standards set by Tanabe’s Previous suspension systems.
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