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Hella H3 12V/55W Halogen Bulb (H83135051)
Product Description

Hella halogen light bulbs are similar to incandescent bulbs in construction, but with much better performance. The halogen bulbs' filament burns at a much higher temperature in an atmospheric vacuum, radiating a much whiter light. These bulbs create a higher, more consistent output throughout their lives. There are various styles to choose from—to replace burned out headlamps, running lights, backup lights, and more.
Hella HB3 9005 12V 65W High Performance 2.0 Bulb Kit (Pair) (H83300082)

Product Description

HELLA High Performance 2.0 Bulbs


• Complies with DOT, ECE and INMETRO when applicable 
• OE Quality and built under stringent testing requirements
• Re-engineered filament for greater light output* 
• Exclusive halogen gas formulation for improved performance*
• High quality quartz glass with a specialized blue coating
• Manufactured under strict HELLA guidelines
• An optimal balance of bulb performance and bulb life 
• Offered in a special kit that includes a pair of bulbs, gloves and silicone grease 
• Gloves protect the bulbs during installation
• Silicone Grease prevents false contacts and ensures an ideal connection
• 1 year warranty
*Versus HELLA standard bulbs.

• Voltage: 12V
•  Approval: DOT, ECE and INMETRO when applicable

• Halogen

Kit Includes:
• (2) High Performance Halogen Bulbs
• (1) Pair of Gloves

• (1) Packet of Silicone Grease
• (1) HELLA Sticker
• (1) HELLA Mini Brochure

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