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92-97 Subaru Alcyone SVX AMR 1.5 inch Aluminum Radiator w/ Custom Shroud
Product Description

*This product is made in batches, and can sometimes take many weeks to obtain. please keep this in mind when ordering any AMR Products.*

This is AMR's custom 1.5 in dual core aluminum radiator for the Subaru SVX chassis. Something to get rid of the problem of the pesky plastic end tanks that always seems to crack at the wrong time. This unit will also incorporate a factory style cooler for the auto transmission lines. Our radiator includes our custom fan shroud with 2 hi flow 12 inch slim fans. This unit comes fully assembled, ready to drop in. Once installed you will need to wire up the slim fans to your 4 wire harness. 

 4 wires – Two are postive [BLUE and GREEN]  and two are negative [BLACK and YELLOW]. Twist the two positive wire together and connect them to the blue wire. Twist the two negative wires together and connect them to the black wire. We suggest using a multi-meter to double check, as colors may vary on some chassis.  

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