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H&R TC114 Triple Camber Adjustment Bolts (hrTC114)

Product Description

  • Correct camber for perfect alignment
  • Wide adjustment range +/- 0 to 3º
  • Easy to install, simple to use

Consisting of a pair of specially-designed bolts, H&R patented ‘Triple C’ Camber Adjustment Bolts replace the original upper fastening bolts on McPherson strut applications. As the bolt is turned, a small cam eccentric alters the vehicle’s camber, allowing adjustments from 0-3 degrees, positive or negative.

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92-00 Acura Integra TSP Racing G Series Street Coilovers (COSGS-HO-18/HO-19)

Product Description

TSP Racing G Series Coilover kits are built for road and track use, TSP's Coilovers are fully height-adjustable, allowing you to keep the ride height the same as factory, or up to 50mm/2in lower. Damping of the piston valves are matched to each spring rate. The springs are preloaded from the factory, so you don't have to configure that before driving. Just set your ride height and damping preference with the 24 click linear adjustments.

The engineers in our factory invest time and money into research and development to ensure the highest quality, best performance kits on the market. TSP Racing Coilovers are not 'one size fits all' with adapters. Each kit is designed specifically for the vehicle, and all kits are tested and developed to ensure maximum performance.

Street Spring Rates

12kg/mm or 672lbs/in
8kg/mm or 448lbs/in

Damper Style

Trailing Arm

Each kit contains:

  • 4 x Suspension dampers (either one piece or 2 piece dampers depending on vehicle)
  • 4 x SAE-9254 cold-wound steel springs
  • 4 x Damping force adjustment knobs
  • 2 x Aluminum alloy pillow ball top hat plates
  • 2 x Spanner wrenches to adjust ride height
  • 1 x Owners manual with warranty card

Instruction Manuals

Got your new coilovers and need to know how to properly adjust them?


Aluminum alloy upper mounts, surface anodized treatment, very strong, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant aluminum oxide layer. TSP Racing rubber top plates are utilized frequently on our kits. If the front of the vehicle utilizes a camber plate, the rear will use a rubber top plate, although pillowball tops are frequently available for dedicated track vehicles. For all kits in which a camber plate cannot be utilized (A-arm suspensions) the top plates will be rubber front and rear. The main design feature of the rubber top plate is that it dampens NVH from reaching the cabin as much as possible enabling an OEM-like quiet ride. All rubber top plates have a durometer rating of 75A in order to achieve the best balance between performance and comfort.

Pillow Ball Top Hats

The pillowball top plate is used as an upgrade in the rear of a vehicle in lieu of the rubber top plate. Rubber is used as standard to limit NVH from making its way into the cabin although this upgrade is available on various chassis at the customer’s request. Please contact us directly to see what options are available for your specific platform. The pillowball top plate is a good upgrade for customers seeking a more track oriented, rigid setup where NVH is not much of a factor.

SAE9254 Steel Springs

Cold roll formed, anti-deformed with its excellent steel property and prolonged life span.3 main styles are used; linear, s-barrel, and v-barrel

Springs are marked with their length and spring rate in mm-kg/mm for example 220-07 os a 220 mm long spring with 07kg/mm spring rate.

French TOTAL Rotary Dedicated Oil

Corresponds to more changing stroke, stable properties can delay the recession, and remain similar viscosity even at extremely high temperatures.

NOK Oil Seals

We use the same NOK Oil seals as Tein. They are used for Anti-attrition and spoilage after long-term usage. Reducing the problem of oil leaks.

Lower Mounts/Base

The lower mount is where our suspension bolts to your wheel hubs. Each lower mount is designed to be an OEM replacement. We provide any and all OEM mounting points and brackets that were on the OEM shock. The lower mount, and the upper mount, is where reverse engineering the OEM suspension plays its biggest role. The process ensures everything is welded and mounted in OEM positions so that your brake lines, wheel speed sensors, and harnesses are a direct fit. Our lower mounts, whenever possible, are made of seamless steel tubing and all brackets are hand welded. Once the lower mount is completed, it is then sand blasted and powder coated in order to prevent rust and corrosion.


We are now at the center point of our kit. As you can imagine, we have a wide variety of shock types, lengths and diameters. Each vehicle depending on our data from R&D, and accounting for the OEM suspension design will utilize a different style of shock. Each shock is hand assembled in our factory and dyno tested before use in our kits. This also helps to ensure there are no oil leaks or noise. Shocks are paired together by their compression and rebound numbers after dyno testing to a 3% variance from side to side. This means that in your kit, the fronts and rears are paired almost exactly the same to ensure proper ride quality and performance of the suspension. Each shock is coated in black via EPD, which provides a cohesive appearance, and to help with corrosion resistance.

Adjustment Rings

Height adjustments are made with separate CNC-Machined locking rings for accuracy and smooth adjustment with separate damper shock length adjustment to retain full-stroke and allows for precision suspension tuning. The wide range of allowable ride-height adjustment allows for a conservative drop to more aggressive ride heights for an aggressive stance, or to fine tune your suspension for the circuit to gain full potential of your vehicle's handling capabilities.

Our basic lock ring is located under the spring seat. This ring is special because its primary function is to torque against the spring seat and lock it in place. The lock ring will torque and secure itself to the spring seat securely once properly tightened so that the preload does not change unless the customer decides to make a change. The spring seat and basic lock ring are the two rings that are responsible for gaining leverage to make height adjustment for our coilover systems. Please note that you do not turn the rings independently to adjust height, you simply use them as a leverage point to rotate the shock body into and out of the lower mount to adjust height, but they must be locked together to achieve this.

The lower lock ring is tasked with keeping the shock locked into place once final ride height is selected. The lower lock ring must be loosened before making any sort of height adjustment and locked down properly afterwards using our spanner wrenches.

If you want to lower the vehicle, you spin the spring seat clockwise to thread the shock body into the lower mount.




Tools that are included in the kit are the spanner wrenches and your adjustment knobs. These tools are what give you the ability to really customize and tune your new suspension system.

The Spanner wrenches are a crucial tool in adjusting the ride height of your vehicle. They allow you to adjust the position of the shock inside the body and insure the tension on your spring.

The adjustment knobs are used to help you customize the overall feel of your ride, whether your damping is soft or firm.

On G-Racing coilovers with 32 click adjustment your recommended settings are;

17-32: Suggested for track use.
9-16: Suggested for mountain/aggressive use.
1-8: Suggested for common street use.

On G-Street Coilovers with 24 click adjustment your recommended settings are;

17-24: Suggested for sportier/aggressive use.
9-16: Suggested for spirited driving use.
1-8: Suggested for common street use.



TSP Racing coilovers come with a 1 year unlimited mile limited warranty that covers all the main shock body components.

6 month warranty of consumables like rubber top mount, end links, etc

Camber plates are not covered under this warranty and have warranty because of the metal on metal contact.

All kits are completely rebuildable and individual parts are available separately for purchase.


Thumbnail Image 1

Adjuster Extensions

Adjuster extensions allow you to remotely adjust your damping on your TSP Racing Coilovers, which is especially handy when they are in hard to reach locations.

Adjuster Extensions


G-Street $900.00

24 Click Linear Damping Adjustments
Aluminum Plates with Camber Adjustments in the front and Aluminum Plates with Pillow Ball Bushings in the rear
Ride Height Adjustable Shocks
OEM Fitment with brackets and mounting points

Contact Us

TruSpeed Performance LLC
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
P: (801) 948-0877




Talon T. from Montana

These are great. Took a little long to get but I got the first set of TSP G-Street Coilovers. I use them daily and finally broke in. Perfect for my area. No more body roll. Awesome control. If I need to change my ride height for winter mode I can easily. Thank you TSP.

Adam H. from Illinois

Seem to be built pretty good and would rate quality 7 outta 10 
Install was straight forward and everything fit perfect will rate 10/10 for install and fitment
Ride quality is good and will need to adjust the dampening again so I will rate the ride quality 7/10 
All in all very happy with the coilovers and would recommend to anyone

About the TSP brand

After quite a few years of research and networking with the industry's best manufacturers, and fabricating and building some prototype parts, TruSpeed Performance decided to launch the TSP brand early 2016. We decided to start with a focus on Suspension and Alignment parts as there are so many companies out there increasing and tuning engines but many often neglect tuning the suspension. Not only does a car need to go fast, but it needs to handle as well. We decided to start by offering quality coilover systems for a large variety of vehicles. After a good amount of searching and negotiating, we decided to work with a company out of Taiwan who was putting out an impressive product and that had over 10 years of experience building suspension systems for other major companies. We were impressed by the quality of the materials used, and their willingness to create and customize applications for our customer's needs. We are constantly expanding the applications that are well over 700 at this point.

We plan to continue to grow the brand and are already putting out our Tru-Align Alignment systems to compliment and help best utilize the power of our TSP Racing G Series Coilovers.

Copyright © 2016 TruSpeed Performance. All rights reserved.

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Product Details

The Howe Basic Quickeners meet the requirements of the job and keep cost down. Has undergone extensive cycle and load testing to assure durability. Not as tough as the Stealth HD but alloy steel gears and unique tooth design are far stronger and more durable than other small body quickeners on the market. .735-36 spline.

Steering Quickner Ratio:1.5:1

Shaft End 1:3/4 in. 36-spline

Shaft End 2:3/4 in. 36-spline


Quantity:Sold individually.

Notes:The overall length of the basic quickener is 8 in. and housing diameter is 2 5/8 in.

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Howe Racing COUPLER FOR QUICKNER .735 X 36 SPLINE (5221)
Product Details

Fits all of our steering quickeners. Features a .735-36 spline on one side and 3/4” bore for steering shaft on the other.

Steering Coupler Material:Steel

Steering Coupler Finish:Natural

Shaft End 1:3/4 in. 36-spline

Quantity:Sold individually.

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K&N Universal Performance Gold Oil Filter (HP-1004)

Product Description

  • O/E replacement oil filters for most cars, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles, & ATV's
  • Resin-impregnated filter media traps 99% of harmful contaminants
  • 1 inch exposed nut designed for easy oil filter removal
  • Heavy duty construction for extreme conditions
  • Anti-drain back valve (where applicable) eliminates dry starts, prevents oil from draining back into crankcase during engine shutdown
Originally developed for demanding race applications, K&N's Premium Wrench-Off Oil Filter has become a favorite among consumers for its durability and easy removal. Most of our automotive and marine oil filters come with a 1 inch nut welded to the top of the canister so they can be easily wrenched-off with a standard tool. To satisfy the demands of racers, our oil filter has many features over and above the requirements of most vehicles. We use thicker canister walls for extra strength and durability which reduces the risk of damage from loose rocks and debris. The drilled hole on the nut provides for safety wire attachment. Our oil filters also use a resin impregnated cellulose filter media. This allows for higher flow rates while providing outstanding filtration.

Product Specifications

Anti Drain Back ValveYes
Bypass ValveYes
Filter MaterialHigh Flow Premium Media
Gasket MaterialNitrile Rubber
Height3.406 in (87 mm)
Outside Diameter3.156 in (80 mm)
Product Box Height4 in (102 mm)
Product Box Length3.19 in (81 mm)
Product Box Width3.19 in (81 mm)
Product StyleOil Filters
PSI Relief Valve11-17
Removal NutYes
Removal Nut Size1 inch
Thread SpecificationM20 x 1.5-6H
Weight0.8 lb (0.3 kg)

Additional Information

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Tein EDFC II Controller Kit (EDK04-P9669)
In-Car Damping Force Adjustment!
The original EDFC, which has been popular for the past decade, is to be reborn as "EDFC II" with a new appearance using white LED and at a new affordable price. 
"EDFC II" brings the convenience of in-car damping force adjustment system to the hands of more people than ever.
*This product does not adjust vehicle ride height.
Click here for EDFC II compatibility
How to Check for EDFC II (Electronic Damping Force Controller) Adaptability
Easily Controlled from the Inside!
To control the damping force, the driver usually needs to get off the car, raise the hood and/or take off rear interior parts such as the speaker board or rear seat. With EDFC II, all the driver has to do is simply push the buttons on the controller to adjust damping force without even setting a foot outside the vehicle.
Easy-to-Recall Memory Contents!
With just a touch of a button, damping force is adjusted to the preset setting instantly. Up to 3 presets are available to store the preferred settings.
Simple Operation at Your Fingertip!
It is so easy to operate. All the basic operations can be done with just a single touch of either damping force adjustment buttons for front and rear (+/-) or 3 preset buttons.
Affordable Price!
Despite the use of high-performance & high-precision stepping motors, EDFC II is very attractively priced. The complete kit for one car starts from $316.00.
Functions / Features
High-Performance Stepping Motor for Damping Force Control
High-performance stepping motor is attached to the shock absorber, in place of the damping force adjustment knob. Damping force is adjusted by controlling the motor remotely from the controller unit installed inside the vehicle.
In stead of the adjusting knob...Stepping motor is attached.
Instead of the adjusting knob...Stepping motor is attached.
Remotely controlled from the controller inside cockpit!
Remotely controlled from the controller inside cockpit!
System Layout
System Layout
2 Damping Force Adjustment Modes (16 levels / 32 levels)
Damping force adjustment levels can be set in 2 different types; 16-level or 32-level. Most TEIN damping force adjustable dampers come with 16-level adjustment. Use of EDFC II adds 32-level adjustment capabilities within the same range for finer adjustments.
Convenient Presets
Up to 3 damping force settings can be stored into a memory. With this feature, preferred setting can be recalled instantly with only a touch of a button, according to various driving conditions; from streets, highways to winding roads.
Resume Feature
The system remembers the damping force setting when the ignition key is turned off and automatically returns to the same setting when the key is turned back on. (Main power switch for the controller unit should stay on, for this function to work.)
Volume Adjustment
Volume of button sound can be set to level 0 (mute) and between level 1 (low) & 3 (high).
Display Dimmer Function
Brightness of the display is dimmed automatically at night in conjunction with the illumination power supply. Brightness at dimmed state can be set to 3 levels.
Self-Diagnosis & Alert
When the system detects any abnormality (wire breakage, short circuit etc), an alarm sound is emitted, all 3 memory buttons flash in red and an error message is displayed on the screen.
Lock Function
Operation of all buttons can be locked to prevent operation mistakes.
EDFC II Controller Images
EDFCII Controller Images

Price List
[Controller Kit / Motor Kit]
DescriptionPart No.MSRPRemarks
Controller Kit
Contoroller Kit
Motor Kit
[Optional Parts]
DescriptionPart No.MSRP
Strut Kit
Strut Kit
Motor Extension Kit
EDFC Extension Cable Kit (2m)
EDFC Extension Cable Kit (2m)
[Repair / Replacement Parts]
DescriptionPart No.MSRPRemarks
M10: EDC01-K1466-1
M12: EDC01-K1466-2
M14: EDC01-K1466-3
Power Supply Cable (2m)
Power Supply Cable (2m)
Ft Cable (1m)
Fr Cable (1m)
Rr Cable (1m)
Rr Cable (1m)
Intermediate Cable FR/FL (2.5m)
FR: EDC01-K3606
FL: EDC01-K3607
Intermediate Cable RR/RL (4.6m)
RR: EDC01-K3608
RL: EDC01-K3609
8mm Spanner
Hex Bolt
Hex Bolt
SAP44-96367$2.00Price shown is for a single piece. 
Sold as a set of 4. 
Accessory Kit
Accessory Kit
EDFC Series Specifications/Functions Chart
with GPS Kitwithout GPS Kitwith GPS Kitwithout GPS Kit 
Basic Specifications
High-Response Wireless Control
(16.77 million channels)
Four-Wheel Independent AdjustmentN/AN/AN/A
Frond/Rear Separate Adjustment
(Right/Left Simultaneous)
Damping Force Level64/32/1664/32/1664/32/1664/32/1632/16
No. of Preset Memory101010103
Lateral G-Actuated Automatic AdjustmentN/AN/AN/A
 No. of Change-Point10 x 2 patterns10 x 2 patternsN/AN/AN/A
 Program MethodRelative Value SettingRelative Value SettingN/AN/AN/A
Longitudinal G-Actuated Automatic AdjustmentN/A
 No. of Change-Point10 x 2 patterns10 x 2 patterns10 x 2 patterns10 x 2 patternsN/A
 Program MethodRelative Value SettingRelative Value SettingRelative Value SettingRelative Value SettingN/A
Speed-Sensitive Automatic AdjustmentN/AN/A
 No. of Change-Point10 x 2 patterns10 x 2 patterns10 x 2 patternsN/AN/A
 Acquisition of Speed DataVehicle Speed Pulse
Vehicle Speed PulseGPSN/AN/A
 Program MethodRelative Value SettingRelative Value SettingAbsolute Value SettingN/AN/A
No. of Max Registerable Memory707050303
2 Additional Input Ports for External SignalsN/AN/AN/A
No. of Controllable Motor88884
Display / Button Illumination
Controller Size (HxWxD)40 x 98 x 20mm40 x 98 x 20mm40 x 98 x 20mm40 x 98 x 20mm26 x 90 x 95mm
Display Size (HxW)22 x 60mm22 x 60mm22 x 60mm22 x 60mm9 x 55mm
Setting Functions
Lock Function
Self-Diagnostic Function
Display / Button Illumination Adjustment 
(Full 262K Colors)
Display / Button Brightness Dimmer FunctionOff + 3 LevelsOff + 3 LevelsOff + 3 LevelsOff + 3 Levels3 Levels
 Automatic Dimmer FunctionBuilt-In Optical Sensor
Non-Step Adjustment
Built-In Optical Sensor
Non-Step Adjustment
Built-In Optical Sensor
Non-Step Adjustment
Built-In Optical Sensor
Non-Step Adjustment
Wired to Vehicle's Illumination Signal
2-Step Adjustment
Switchable Display View AngleN/A
Buzzer Volume AdjustmentMute + 3 LevelsMute + 3 LevelsMute + 3 LevelsMute + 3 LevelsMute + 3 Levels
Frequency of Return-to-Zero OperationN/AN/AN/A
Starting Point for G-Actuated AdjustmentN/AN/AN/A
Display Functions
G-Force Display
(Longitudinal & Lateral)
*with max-hold function
Bar Display
(switchable between full scale 0.3G and 1.0G)
Numerical ValueN/A
Positional Coordinates Display
(Latitude / Longitude / Altitude)
Tripmeter (up to 10 / in km or mile)N/AN/AN/A
Vehicle Speed Display
(km/h or MPH) 
*with max-hold function
Precise GPS Clock
(capable of keeping accurate time when GPS is not available)
MSRP of Complete Kit for 1 Car (excl. tax / for comp./rebound simultaneous adjustment)
Controller Kit$634.00$634.00$433.00$433.00$151.00
Motor Kit$165.00$165.00$165.00$165.00$165.00
GPS Kit$80.00-$80.00--
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Product Information

  • Oil Composition:  Synthetic
  • Viscosity Grade:  5W-30
  • Volume (Qt):  1 Quart

Applications for your Vehicles

  • This product is universal and applies to all vehicles.
  • Detailed Description

    SAE 5W-30; Full Synthetic; High Mileage; 1 Quart

Every Engine Should Run Like New

From the first use, Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology (FSwMT) provides your car’s engine our maximum protection against heat, deposits and wear. Formulated with more anti wear additives that stay in your oil longer, FSwMT supplies 40% more anti-wear film than Mobil 1*. FSwMT is specially formulated to meet the needs of vehicles as they age past 75,000 miles. It’s advanced formula can also be used in newer cars to help prevent the causes of engine breakdown before they begin. Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology is our ultimate level of protection helping your engine run like new longer.

*Based on anti-wear film generated in Cameron Plint Test, Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology 5W-30 vs Mobil 1 5W-30

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